Investment Information

Who are you?

>We are a professional money management firm based out of Miami FL. Our company was founded by a reputable, experienced portfolio manager who is personally invested. He has over 13 years in the investment field. For more info please click: ABOUT US

• Our Annuities offer a stable stream of income
• Preservation of capital is our #1 priority
• You pick the Terms and interest rate earned
• We offer a great alternative to banks and savings account
• An annuity investment with the American Income Fund is a Safe, Secure, Stable and transparent alternative

Why should I invest?

>Our Investment program options listed on our Homepage offer you the Terms you choose and will pay you the most competitive interest rates available.

What is this?

>We take your deposits and invest in global Bond funds. They are issued from developed countries, have never defaulted and were issued an investment grade rating

What do you do?

>All Frequently Asked Questions can be found by clicking: Frequently Asked Questions

Your Retirement Income Solution

What Are You Offering Me?

The AMERICAN INCOME FUND was created to provide you with a stable consistent monthly income, paid out annually.

We offer American Based fixed-income products. Our flagship product is a Fixed Annuity that lets you pick the term and earn a fixed rate of return.

What Are You Investing In?

The AMERICAN INCOME FUND seeks passive income from investments in global Bond funds in developed countries such as Australia & Singapore with an investment grade credit rating.

How Diversified is the American Income Fund?

Government Bonds

State & City Municipalities




In 10 years, you will have $196,715.14.

The chart shows an estimate of how much your initial savings will grow over time, according to the interest rate and term schedule specified.

Who Will Be Managing My Investment?

All funds deposited with American Income Fund are managed by our professional portfolio manager, Mr. Abraham Rosner. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role as a portfolio manager. Abraham is from New York City where he worked in an accounting firm assisting business owners with tax preparation and is now based out of Miami, Florida. He graduated from Touro University in NYC with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and has over 13 years in the investing field. Abraham’s personal funds are also invested in the American Income Fund. Not surprisingly, managers whose lifestyle depends on their funds’ performance tend to do better than those who don’t invest in their own fund. Abraham holds a Credit Score of 835, his score “ranks higher than 96 percent of U.S. consumers”.