Frequently Asked Questions


  • Minimum investment: $100,000
  • Minimum commitment term: 12 months
  • Interest offered: Rates & Terms listed on the first Question below. The longer you invest, the higher interest rate you will earn.
  • Early redemption penalty: Annuitant will forfeit interest year to date if cashed out before maturity. Commitment Terms & interest rate offered will adjust accordingly.

Our flagship product is a savings annuity that lets you pick the term and earn a fixed rate of interest. Our investment levels are referred to as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels.


$500,000 +5.00%6.00%7.00%

Our minimum investment is $100,000.

If yes, than please fill out our contact form to be contacted in the future.

Not at this time, we will notify you when this option becomes available in the future.

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

No, we will never share your private information without the account holders prior consent.

No you do not need to be a USA citizen to open an account. We do require a copy of a government issued identification.

Yes, our portfolio manager is personally invested in the same bonds that American Income Fund invests in. Not surprisingly, managers whose lifestyle depends on their funds’ performance tend to do better than those who don’t invest in their own fund.

Yes, however the interest is tax deferred. This means that you pay tax only when the maturity comes due or is cashed prematurely. Interest is taxable by the federal government, state or local governments. Consult with a tax professional prior to liquidating the investment.

We do not charge a monthly or annual service fee.

Interest is compounded annually and credited monthly based on the daily collected balance.

No, we do not offer paper statements by mail. Currently all account balance inquiries must be made by phone or via email.

Yes, there is a penalty for withdrawing principal prior to the maturity date. Your interest income earned will be adjusted to reflect the changed terms. In addition no interest will be earned for partial years.

Not at this time. If you need a translator to assist you with opening a new account please contact us.

You can Call 954-354-6835 to Schedule an appointment or CLICK HERE. Email us or fill out our Contact form. One of our experienced investment professionals will contact you shortly.

We invest in global bond funds that have never defaulted that offer us a premium rate of return which we pass on to our clients.

We earn the difference between what we pay you and what the government bonds pay us. You will never be charged unless you received the listed interest rate for the annuity offering you signed up with.

Your account will only get debited when your account accrues interest.

APR is the annual rate of interest without taking into account the compounding of interest within that year. Alternatively, APY does take into account the effects of intra-year compounding. This seemingly subtle difference can have important implications for investors and borrowers.

No we are not currently.

Until funds are considered to be cleared funds, they are considered to be pending. When wire transfers or checks are deposited into an account it may take several days until we are able to make all of the funds available for withdrawal or depositing. Larger deposits may require a longer period of time to clear than smaller ones, especially if the size of the deposit requires a financial institution to comply with government regulations. You will be updated once your funds clear.

Not at this time. Please contact us at 954-354-6835 or fill out our contact form. We will update you when this option of funding becomes available.

Please contact us at 954-354-6835 or fill out our contact form. We will contact you to confirm your identity, make your request promptly & notify you when it is sent.

You should invest because you would like to receive stable consistent income and banks are not paying you enough. If you are seeking a passive fixed income solution, you will be pleased with our services.

We only deal with reputable brokers such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, JP Morgan Chase, UBS & only brokers who carry SIPC insurance. Our banking institution who we conduct transactions with offers FDIC insurance until the funds are transferred to the broker of choice.

The bond funds we invest in have been trading since 1985.

Your funds will be invested in global bond funds that have never defaulted and have been rated investment grade by Moody’s.

Our products are all considered to be conservative investments. We base our opinion on the Moody’s ratings given to the bond funds we invest.

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